Bai Tu Long travel offers ten percent discount to travelers who book online

Published:  08:41 Monday - December 03, 2012

Bai Tu Long travel offers ten percent discount to travelers who book online

Bai Tu Long Travel is a travel agency that specializes in the booking of Halong Bay cruises and Vietnam tours. Now a client of SEO Service Group, the company is offering customers a ten percent discount when they book their trip online.

Vietnam is well known for its unique landscape, friendly locals and of course, Halong Bay. Thousands of tourists flock to the country each year hoping for a trip of a lifetime. For first time travelers, cruises and tours are a great way to get to know the local area. Because of this, SEO Service Group's client Bai Tu Long Travel is offering its customers a ten percent discount.

When asked about what makes their tour and cruise offerings so different, a company representative stated, "Bai Tu Long Travel offers all inclusive travel services to Vietnam. Since 2007, we have been inviting people for simple classical journeys with great vacation experience and luxury travels. A Vietnam tours vacation can give you an extraordinary vacation experience with its ancient villages, cotton-candy pagodas, lively street scenes, bustling ports, colorful markets, talented craftspeople and friendliest local people."

Bai Tu Long Travel offers tourists a wide range of different travel packages to suit just about every want or need. From cooking tours to extended stays that allow tourists to truly discover the local culture, there is something for everyone.

The 11 day culinary tour is one of the company's most popular packages. The company describes the tour in detail, stating, "Just as Vietnamese cuisine is all about yin and yang, so this journey is one of balance. Experience guided tours through local markets, test your skills in cooking schools, and enjoy lavish meals at some of the country’s best restaurants. From Hanoi and Halong Bay to the historical charms of Hue and Hoi An, and on to the buzzing streets of Saigon – only a visit to Vietnam can truly reveal the diversity of the country’s cooking tradition." Travelers can now experience this exciting tour for a discounted price.


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