First V-League coach loses his job

Published:  16:39 Monday - April 15, 2013

First V-League coach loses his job

After the sixth losing game, the Binh Duong Football Club’s leaders have sacked the Korean coach Cho Yoon Hwan. Korean coach Cho Yoon Hwan.

On the morning of April 14, shortly after returning from Gia Lai Province, Binh Duong FC held an urgent meeting to discuss the team’s future. Coach Cho Yoon Hwan was absent from the meeting. In the meeting, the FC’s managers agreed to fire the Korea coach because he did not complete the tasks committed in the contract.

The final decision is being made by the team’s sponsor – BECAMEX Corporation – today, April 15. The club’s leaders appointed assistant coach Nguyen Minh Dung as the temporary caretaker while the club is seeking a new coach.

Previously, Dung was a temporary caretaker of Binh Duong FC. Mr. Cho Yoon Hwan joined Binh Duong FC last April, replacing Dang Tran Chinh from the second phase of V-League 2012. At the end of the season, the South Korean coach and his team ranked 6th. Entering this season, with many football stars, Mr. Cho was assigned to take the team to the championship.

But the team has gone through six consecutive defeats, including five in the V-League 2013. Currently, the team has zero point and stands at the bottom of the rankings, even behind the “poor” Kien Giang FC, which has just had the first point after a draw against Ninh Binh last weekend. Nam Nguyen


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