Cymbal-shaped Martial Arts Weapon

Published:  20:43 Tuesday - March 12, 2013

Cymbal-shaped Martial Arts Weapon

During a recent visit to Hue, I saw martial arts disciples of Bach Ho Martial Arts School performing with a strange weapon, called Thiet xoa (cymbal-shaped weapon). The bronze-made weapon looks like a set of cymbals, which is a traditional musical instrument.

According to master Le Van Tuyen, head of Bach Ho Martial Arts School, who creates the fighting performance with Thiet xoa, this weapon with strange features originates from Chum choe, also called Xap xoa or Xoa by Hue residents.

Therefore, it is both a musical instrument and a very sharp and dangerous weapon. The weapon consists of two round cymbals with sharp or saw-toothed edges so it is used flexibly in fighting and may cause severe injuries to the rival. When necessary, two cymbals are beaten together to create thrilling sounds that threaten the rival. The weapon can be both used to attack the rival and defend oneself effectively.Over the years,Thiet xoa has been usedin Bach Ho Martial Arts School as a unique weapon.

Vietnam Pictorial’s reporter introduces readers to some images of the performanceby Bach Ho disciples that fascinates the audience by the harmonious combination of movements and strength given by this weapon.






ByTrần Thanh Giang

ByTrần Thanh Giang

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