Hua Ma - the mysterious cave among Ghost Forest

Published:  15:33 Wednesday - December 28, 2011 Bac Kan Province is famous for Ba Be Lake, which consists of three large fantastic lakes surrounded by mountains and forests. Still, there is another mysterious tourist destination, Hua Ma Cave.

Hua Ma cave is ranked among the most beautiful and interesting caves in the national park, because of its magnificent stalactites and the legend that has been told for generations.


It's located in Quang Khe Commune, Ba Be District, Bac Kan Province. To visit Hua Ma Cave, tourist in Vietnam Tourism can walk or travel by small passenger car through 8km from the central of Ba Be National Park. You should to bring a flashlight to see more stalactites far from the path or in areas which are in darkness.

Path to cave


The cave has been naturally shaped during the many-thousand-year process of geological changes. It is 700 meters in length and in some places the cave opens up and is 50 meters in height.


Hua Ma has been known by local people for a long time. The legend tells that a long time ago,  a king and his entourage once approached an area near the Hua Ma Cave, and the horse of the king was unable to cross a stream in the area. After several unsuccessful attempts to cross the stream the king got off his horse and asked locals for the reason and local people told him that the area was a habitat of ghosts. According to them, when it was getting dark, cries generated from the cave and they decided that these were the spirits of honest people who were killed by foreign enemies during wars.


Sparkling stalactites 


The king told his soldiers to kill horses and let the heads drift along the stream. So, the name of the cave came into existence as Hua Ma means the horse’s head in local dialect. The king also ordered his troops to erect a pagoda to pray for peace for the souls of the killed people. Since then, local people have not heard the cries from the cave. But  few local people would dare to approach the gate of the cave. Therefore, the cave has been hidden until recent times. It is so mysterious inside, a ideal spots for people who like discovery.



Nowadays, tourists in Vietnam Tourism can see the stalactites resemble a throne where the king was seated on. More magnificent stalactites shine under the electrical lights along the path in the cave. The sparkling stalactites look like towers, lotus flowers, stone poles and other shapes depending on the imagination of visitors. 



The view outside the cave is also great. From the mouth of the cave, people could see a large space, a vast picture of mountains, forests and water. Tourist in Vietnam travel could see Ba Be Lake and the Nang River running smoothly in distance, could hear birds singing elsewhere and imposing mountains and forest in front. 



If lucky enough, tourists in Vietnam travel could participate in a local monthly market to admire girls and boys of several local ethnic minorities in their traditional colourful costume. Tourists can enjoy local typical specialties and would get drunk with "Can" wine and unconsciously fall in love with the place and people.



With 10m high and 500m depth, Hua Ma Cave offers a great space for a fresh air inspiration.  Hua Ma Cave can be regarded as the Phong Nha Cave in the North. It'll be a good place for tours in Vietnam. It seems you will can feel stray to the Penglai place.

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