The delicious jellyfish salad

Published:  10:41 Monday - January 02, 2012

The delicious jellyfish salad

Jellyfish salad is popular seafood and it is especially suitable in the summer. The taste is very delicious by the perfect combination between the crispy jellyfish and the spice that create the unforgettable taste.

In the summer, you will have an opportunity to enjoy the jellyfish salad. This is strange dish that is suitable in the hot season, just delicious and cheap. Jelly fish contains 95% of water.

To catch jellyfish, fishermen usually encircled it with a net and tugged them into the shoreline by using motorboat. Because jellyfish are usually cut into pieces as small as our ears, they are termed as ear jellyfish. The tentacles, entitled tentacle jellyfish, are cut into many small pieces. Ear jellyfish are clear, light blue and juicy while the tentacle jellyfish, more delicious and more expensive than ear one, is milky and like sinew and gristle.

After being cleaned in fresh water, the jellyfish are cut into small pieces, washed in cold boiled water, and then mixed with cooked chicken or thin slices of pork, boiled eggs, chili, unripe mango, ground peanuts and mints. Ear jellyfish salad must be prepared by skillful hands. They are put in a bowl in layers until dry. Then they are covered by ground peanuts, thin slices of plantain, unripe mangoes, chili, mint and savory leaves. Now we have a delicious jellyfish salad. Jelly fish salad can use with rice of “banh trang gao”, ginger sauce and wine. Now, this dish has in the menu of some restaurant as specialty.



300g fresh jelly fish

Chicken meat

Green mango, cleaned and peeled

Onion, basil leaves; coriander

Roasted peanut, smashed

Deep fried glutinous rice with powdered shrimp (bánh phồng tôm)

Chili, pepper, vinegar, sugar, spices … 



Step 1: The first important step to create one of stunning Vietnamese Salad Recipes is cleaning jelly fish. Clean well its slimy skin, soak into alum water in few hours; next use your hands to press out all water. Then slice small and soak in hot water in few minutes and pour them out on basket.

Step 2: Boil chicken until it is cooked, tear small

Step 3: Slice green mango into long and thin pieces. Peel off the cover of onion, slice fiber. Clean and slice basil leaves small.

Step 4: Making dipping sauce: Mix sugar + salt + pepper + vinegar + fish sauce + sliced chili, stir well and text again to suit your flavor. This sauce is required with a little sweet and sour.

Now, you finished basic steps from one of interesting Vietnamese Salad Recipes. For presentation, Mix jelly fish with chicken meat, onion, green mango, basil leaves and coriander together. Add more roasted peanut on top. When eating, pour more sauce in step 4 and serve with deep fried glutinous rice cakes. That is also my favorite way to enjoy it. Hope you will satisfy with this instruction and good luck for your Cooking.

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