Visiting one of spots having Vietnam’s best ecological environment

Published:  06:55 Monday - August 13, 2012

Cu Lao Cau island is one of the spots that has Vietnam’s best ecological environment, which has the beautiful neglected beach, presently, it is has been planned to be a marine life preservation zone and an eco tourist site. This island will promisingly become an ideal ecological tourist attraction.

The small and young island rising in the middle of the sea, located in Tuy Phong District, Binh Thuan province, about 9 km away from the seashore, tourists can spend about 40 minutes to get Cu Lao Cau island by boat. This island stays about 119km away from Phan Thiet City to the Northeast. 

Binh Thuan Province is rich in human and natural potentialities that are good advantages for developing tourism and services. The province has the coastal line of nearly 200km with many beautiful beaches such as Mui Ne, Ca Na, Cu Lao Cau, etc.

Cu Lao Cau island

Cu Lao Cau island is characterised by rocky outcrops, with sandy beaches on the north and south sides. With the highest point on the island is 27m, the island covers a long distance of over 1.500m with the widest area of nearly 700m and the highest one of 7m above sea level. Surrounded by tens of thousands of cliff blocks of different colors and shapes. It is really interesting when having a condition to observe the whole island carefully.  The water is always clean and blue year-round, and when the tide goes down, on the seashore we can see numerous beautiful shells and corals pleasing the tourists’eyes.

There are many kinds of sea creatures living around this island. It would be very amazing if travelers bring a fishing rod and some preys to fish. On the island, there is a fresh water well, which is called a Fairy Well from an old book. Although the water amount is small, the well is the sort of permanent leaking water.

Fringing coral reefs can be found around the island and platform reefs on submerged banks. The reefs are pristine, with an average cover of 43%. This site supports the highest diversity of hermatypic corals known in Vietnam. There are over 65 genera of coral known here, including Acropora, Goniopora, Montipora,betc. Sea currents from the north and south converge near Hon Cau-Vinh Hao, with strong upwelling. The area has high productivity, with 175 phytoplankton species, 163 seaweed species, 147 coral species, 80 mollusc species, 26 echinoderm species and 211 fish species so far recorded here.


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