Visiting Cat Ba National Park

Published:  09:46 Wednesday - February 24, 2016

Hai Phong is one of the important center of commerce and trading of Northern Vietnam. The province is known as a beach city and it attracts a lot of tourists at home and in the world each year.

Hai Phong is a romantic city and it is also called with the name " city of red flamboyant". Coming to Hai Phong, tourists will enjoy the opportunity to visit and enjoy the fresh air and stunning landscapes on beautiful beaches. Hai Phong province is famous for wonderful and majestic beaches and islands. Especially, it is also the homeland of Halong Bay - one of the seven wonders of the world. Besides it, Hai Phong is a destination of many special and famous sites such as Hai Phong Museum, Du Hang pagoda, Hai Phong Cathedral, Hai Phong Opera House, Statue of General Le Chan, Exhibition Center, Nguyen Du Park. 

One of the famous sites in Hai Phong province that attracts a lot of visitors being Cat Ba National Park. There is a tropical forest on the island and Cat Ba National Park is one of the greatest national parks in Vietnam. The national park is about 12.500 hectare. Cat Ba National Park was recognized as the national park on May 23th 1983. Visiting the park, visitors will admire many special and rare animals and plants inhabited in the park. 

Cat Ba National Park has 20 mammal species, 69 bird species, 20 reptile species and amphibians. Moreover, the park has some rare animals such as chamois, cao cat, kingfisher, bile, yellow monkey... "Yen" birds and turtle are also preserved in the park. The vegetation in the temporary table has 149 families including 250 herbs. Cat Ba National Park is one out of four biosphere reserves recognized by UNESCO including Can Gio mangrove biosphere, Cat Tien biosphere reserve, Red River Delta biosphere reserve and Cat Ba biosphere reserve. It is said that Cat Ba National Park is really a various and special park and it is an ideal place for those who are keen on discovering the wild life in the forest.

In addition, during the trip to Cat Ba National Park, tourists can go to visit other small islands in Cat Ba such as: Cat Ong Islet, Cat Duoi Islet, May Islet, Quai Xanh Islet and Tai Keo Islet. In Cat Ba, there are many attractions to visit such as Cat Ba Island, Trung Trang cave, Hung Son cave, Phu Long cave. Enjoying the trip to Cat Ba National Park as well as visiting romantic Hai Phong city, tourists can broaden their mind and learn more about the wild animals and plants.

In conclusion, let's take a trip to visit Cat Ba National Park and take the advantage to visit other beautiful landscapes and sites in Hai Phong when you have chance. Traveling is considered the best way to relax and discover the surroundings. Especially, visiting the National Parks will help you know more about the natural life and its variety. 

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