Surprising at Giang Thom fairyland

Published:  08:19 Thursday - February 28, 2013

White waterfalls, black rocks with half floating on the surface and half sinking into water, and limpid lakes make Ho Giang Thom mysterious and romantic beauty.

Ho Giang Thom is also known as Xen Thom, Dan Thom, Ho Giang Thom waterfall, or eleven- storey waterfall in hamlet 9, Tam My commune, Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam district; it is about 10 kilometers from the highway 1A to the west, and is about 30 kilometers from Tam Ky city to the south.

Calling it different names like that because if you see the whole of Ho Giang Thom with the shapes of black rocks – half floating on the surface and half sinking into water – that make the murmur all the time, nobody doubt that Giang Huong is a hole or a waterfall. However, not many people, even the elderly here can explain the origin of its name.

To backpackers or people loving travel, the waterfall also have another cute name – Gian nan waterfall (miserable waterfall). It has that name because the way to the waterfall is not to go straight to the place by motorbike or car, each people have to struggle hard to the muddy and slippery road, unstable slopes, and no direction board with Vietnam travel guide.

Compensating for the tiredness, when reaching Giang Thom, a romantic landscape of white waterfalls, impetuous sound of water, blue lakes halfway up the mountain, the beauty of black rocks and the blue of sky and plants make the romantic and primitive beauty and the mysteriousness that make visitors amazed.

Depending on the mood and interest, each person coming to Ho Giang Thom has different feeling. Romantic people sit on the rocks, listen to the rustle of wind, the sound of water flowing, the sound of birds, and sing some favorite songs in whisper. People who are in bad state of mind swim in the blue lake with cool water, releasing all sadness and worry.

People loving adventure can walk along rough slopes of rock, go to the source of the waterfall, and enjoy the whole of landscapes’ beauty or explore the flat lake and quite atmosphere.

If jumping into any lake (except the lake in the source), raising your eyes and looking at the shapes of rocks, you will see the eggs of rocks with many sizes. They are like the huge area of rocky eggs of the nature.

You should find out carefully before starting. Ho Giang Thom waterfall is quite primitive so it is only suitable for groups of people who go for a picnic or go camping, as well as love discovering and experiencing.

Near the waterfall, there is no restaurant so you have to prepare carefully before going.

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