Phu Quoc focuses on eco-friendly tourism

Published:  11:13 Friday - October 04, 2013

A number of resorts in Phu Quoc island district in the southern province of Kien Giang have invested billions of Vietnamese dong in wastewater treatment serving sustainable tourism development.

Eden Resort located in Cua Lap village, Duong To commune, has poured over 3 billion VND into building a wastewater treatment system. 
Over 100 cubic metres of wastewater discharged from the resort’s restaurants and hotels each day are treated in the system before being reused or released into the environment. 
Nguyen Vo Quynh Dao, Eden Resort Deputy Director, described environmental protection awareness as an important factor in the sustainable development of tourism. 
The company’s wastewater, which is treated using Korean technology, can be reused in fish farms, she noted. 




Phu Quoc to build an "eco-friendly tourism destination"

La Veranda Resort, a joint venture with France in Duong Dong town, Phu Quoc district, practises the motto “eco-friendly tourism business”. 
To improve service quality, the hotel has built a wastewater treatment system worth over 2 billion VND. 
Apart from using eco-friendly environmental products, La Veranda has also set up a rubbish collection system, said Nguyen Thi Quoc Anh, a La Veranda manager. 
However, the standardised wastewater treatment system has yet to be popularised among businesses operating in tourism in Phu Quoc. 
Therefore, the Eden Resort Deputy Director called on all hotels in the island district to engage in the campaign, therefore attracting more holiday-makers to the locality. 
Hotel businesses on Phu Quoc island have also expressed their hope that district officials will put forth more efficient solutions for environmental protection. 
Sustainable and eco-friendly tourism development is what businesses on Phu Quoc are looking for in an effort to protect the environment. The process however, requires the whole community to join hands.

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