Tham Mountain – A Beautiful Site in Phu Tho

Published:  09:13 Thursday - January 05, 2012

Located in the Northeastern region of Vietnam, Phu Tho province, Tham Mountain (Núi Thắm) is both a beautiful site and an economic centre in the region, attracting tourists in Vietnam travel to visit.

Tham Mountain, also known as Dau Rong Mountain, is located along the main road to the Thanh Ba industrial zone of Thanh Ba district, Phu Tho province. On the peak of the mountain is a small pond called Ao Tien (Fairy Pond), which is always full of pure blue water. Surrounding Tham Mountain are hundreds of small hills, located one next to another.

Tham Mountain – A Beautiful Site in Phu Tho

A stale plan was established regarding the growth of many industrial plants on these hills, such as tea, lacquer-plants and mu oil trees. Cement, alcohol, and fertilizers are already produced in the area. As well, there are ox and buffalo breeding farms. 

Tham Mountain is not only a beautiful site of Phu Tho province, but is an economic centre in the region as well. It attracts many tourists in Vietnam travel coming there to admire its natural beauty.

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