Ha Long Bay Is Officially Recognized as a New World’s Wonder

Published:  16:40 Wednesday - March 28, 2012

In the afternoon of March 28, Mr Nguyen Van Tinh, director of the International Cooperation (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) said the New7Wonders organization has officially recognized Ha Long Bay as a new world’s wonder

Ha Long

Ha Long Bay is officially recognized as a new global wonder

Mr Tinh said, he worked with the general director of the New7Wonders organization this morning in Ha Noi and was informed that Ha Long Bay has officially become a new global wonder. The Chairman of this organization will arrive in Ha Noi to award the symbolic form to recognize Ha Long Bay as a wonder this weekend. The wonder symbol will be printed into two copies and kept in Ha Noi and Quang Ninh.

“I do not feel surprised to hear Ha Long Bay officially becomes the global wonder, because this beauty spot has been always in the top seven list for the past 4 years, so I think certainly Ha Long bay will become the global wonder”. Mr Nguyen Van Tinh stated.

The poll to vote 7 world’s natural wonder conducted all over the world by the New7Wonders organization ends at 7pm (GMT) on November 11, 2011, ie 2am on November 12, 2011 in Vietnam. Along with Ha Long bay, other wonders include Amazon forest in South America; Iguazu waterfall in Argentina and Brazil; Jeju island in Korea; Puerto Princesa subterranean river national park; Komoda island in Indonesia and Table mountain in South Africa.

At that time, the New7Wonders organization said, this was not the final result for the new global wonders voting. The independent auditing companies will take part in the decision and it was expected to reveal the final result after the next 3 months.

In order to vote for Ha Long Bay, Vietnamese people sent 24,090,000 messages, spending 15 billion dongs ($700,000). The leaders of Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism said this is the tourism promotion expense to create Ha Long Bay brand associated with Vietnam Tourism.

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