Enjoy your trip in Sai Gon

Published:  08:50 Saturday - December 12, 2015

Ho Chi Minh city or Sai Gon is one of the most luxurious and bright in Vietnam. It absolutely will offer you a lot of beautiful and stunning landscapes as well as activities which will give you a chance to take part in and enjoy the life in Ho Chi Minh such as: enjoying cuisine, visiting historic sites and experiencing the nightliffe in Ho Chi Minh city.

Coming to Ho Chi Minh city, visitors will have a chance to broaden your eyes with a lot of amazing and wonderful sites in Ho Chi Minh city. As this is a very special and attractive city in Vietnam, it is seemed to be the entertainment centre of Vietnam with many interesting things.


First of all, we will go to visit beautiful and stunning landscapes in Vietnam to discover the beauty as well as the difference of this city from others in Vietnam. You will need to spend some days to discover all of the featuring and unique things in Ho Chi Minh city. There are pagodas, temples, zoos, parks, etc, for you to visit. Besides it, you also will have an opportunity to participate in traditional festivals in Ho Chi Minh city. On the occasion to Ho Chi Minh city, you should not miss your chance to visit following destinations in this special and modern city: War Remnants Museum, Cu Chi Tunnels, Cao Dai Temple, Bitexco Tower and Sky Deck, Jade Emperor Pagoda, Mariamman Hindu Temple, Reunification Palace, Ho Chi Minh City Zoo, Ho Chi Minh Central Office, Notre Dame Cathedral,etc...

These are the most famous and stunning attractions to visit in Ho Chi Minh city. Visiting these landscapes will give a glance at Vietnam in common and Ho Chi Minh city in particular. Ho Chi Minh belongs to the South of Vietnam and it features the most unique of this region. It is often said that Hanoi - the capital of the country is completely different from Ho Chi Minh city. If Hanoi is an ancient and traditional city, then Ho Chi Minh is a very luxurious, elegant and modern. If you intend to travel to any place in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh city will be a very ideal place and it absolutely will satisfy your wish.

In the second place,  you should not omit from your vacation that is to take part in some exciting activities in the city such as taking motorcycle tour, experiencing Mekong Delta River, Sai Gon River Cruise, cooking class, etc. Sai Gon promises to be a very ideal and attractive destination offering visitors a lot of special places to go and interesting activities to take part in. 

In addition to the interesting things of Sai Gon, visitors will have a chance to take part in interesting activities in Ho Chi Minh city by enjoying delicious and special foods and drinks in the city. We can list some most popular and featuring foods in Ho Chi Minh city such as Pho, Street Food, Banh Mi, Com Nieu Sai Gon, Spring Roll, Snack Foods, etc, and some drinks such as Beer and Coffee. The taste of food in Ho Chi Minh city is different from regions in the North as it is very spicy and sweet. It will be very interesting to have a cup of coffee in the morning and see the life space of Sai Gon. Let's enjoy your chance to discover Sai Gon from your eyes. It definitely will impress you and make you feel the life in Sai Gon.

There are many other attractions and activities to carry out in Sai Gon, the best way is to directly go to visit the city once. Let's enjoy your vacation in Ho Chi Minh city to discover the beauty of Vietnam as well as to know how wonderful the city is. We always has a lot of places and destinations to go and visit and Ho Chi Minh city is one of the cities that you should not miss on your vacation. 

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