Chu Dong Tu Temple - Altar a immortal Vietnamese spirit

Published:  08:36 Tuesday - December 06, 2011

Chu Dong Tu Temple altars Chu Dong Tu - one of four immortal Vietnamese spirits. it still preserves many precious relics, among which is an invaluable pair of Bach Tho vases.

Location: Located in Binh Minh Commune, Khoai Chau District, Hung Yen Province, about 25km from Hanoi along the Red River.
Characteristics: This temple worships Saint Chu Dong Tu, who has been honored as one of four immortal Vietnamese spirits, and his wife, Princess Tien Dung, who was the daughter of 18th King Hung.

Also called Da Hoa Temple, the temple is located on a rectangular, even, wide and high area of 18,720m², facing the west. Its Ngo Mon Gate (Principal Gate) consists of three doors. The main door leads to a wide and high three-partitioned house with a top engraved with two dragons flanking a moon. This door is only opened on special occasions. The two side doors receive visitors at any time.

Passing through the yard visitors will arrive Dai Te, Thieu Huong House, De Nhi Palace, De Tam Palace and finally the Sanctuary. The Thieu Huong House was built in a solemn spacious architectural style. The ending of the upper rooftop and the edge of the roof are carved in detail and colourfully modeled with many decorative shapes such as dragons and lions. The door at De Nhi Palace is carved with a phoenix, huge blooming chrysanthemums and other kinds of fruits flowers painted in vermilion and gilt. There are also beautiful bronze statues of Saint Chu Dong Tu and his wife.

Today, Da Hoa Temple still preserves many precious relics, among which is an invaluable pair of Bach Tho vases (Bach Tho here refers to one hundred Tho Chinese characters engraved on the bodies of the vases in various different styles).

If tourists in Vietnam Travel have chance to visit Hung Yen province, Pho Hien is a must-see place that should not be missed!

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