Ca Mau - a harmonious and lively picture of nature

Published:  10:43 Monday - October 26, 2015

Have you ever come to Ca Mau province? If not, let's spend your time once at this special place to know how interesting and fantastic it is. Ca Mau is the province of floating boats and a lot types of fruits. It definitely will satisfy the wish of visitors when taking a trip to this place.

Ca Mau is the province located in the end of Vietnam and it is situated at the South of Vietnam. It is the ideal destination for those who are nature lovers and passionate about discovering and experiencing the life on water and enjoying different types of fruits and specialities in this place. 


Coming to Ca Mau, you should not miss your chance to go  to visit the town of Ca Mau, there are many beautiful and interesting sites to visit in this place such as Cao Dai Temple and bird sanctuary with a small zoo including animals such as snakes, crocodiles, iguanas and turtles. Cao Dai is a syncretist Vietnamese religious movement that incorporates aspect of Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism and even Catholicism. 


In addition, it will be very regretful if you miss the chance to visit U-Minh forest when coming to Ca Mau province. U-Minh forest is a very diversified and abundant forest with a lot of plants and animals inhabiting in the forest. Visitors will discover the cajuput forest and mangrove forest in U-Minh forest. These forests cover the forest and make the province covered by the green and colour of cajuput flowers and other flowers from different types of plant. Besides it, the forest is also the sea of fish with various types of fish living in the forest.

U-Minh is considered to be a large yard of birds in Vietnam as there are many types of birds surviving in the forest. Visiting the forest, visitors expend their opportunity to listen to the birds'voice fluttering in vaults of green leaves. The birds' voice makes the forest noisier and attracts the discovery of tourists. The flock of birds tightly flying in the sky will bring visitors exciting and stunning experience. U-Minh forest is also a suitable place for scientists who are keen on discovering types of birds and animals such as storks, dien dien, cong coc, teals, frogs, ravens, sea eagles,etc. Moreover, there are many bee nests building in the forest and it is the place providing a large number of honey. People often take honey from the nests in the forest as it is qualitative and pure honey.


Floating markets are the special feature of Ca Mau province, visitors only can experience this special feature in Ca Mau as it is very special and featured in Ca Mau. When visitors visit Ca Mau, you can enjoy the noise and crowdedness on floating markets. There are many types of goods sold on these markets. Ca Mau market is opened in the Ganh Hao River from 4 a.m to 8 p.m. Goods is hang on the poles at the boat prow. There are many types of fruit sold on the market such as gourds, waterlemons, papaws, green cabbages, Chinese squashes,potatoes, carrots and tomatoes,etc. It is the center where provides agricultural products to traders. When you enjoy the atmosphere on the floating markets, you will find it interesting and exciting and you immediately will want to join with people here. Different types of goods sold on the market create a very colourful and busy picture in the River.


Especially, in the evening, the dwellers often gather and sing some traditional tunes to relax after a long hardworking day. It is the time for people to relax as well as introduce people the traditional culture and art of Ca Mau such as Don Ca Tai Tu. In addition, tourist is also given a chance to watch sunrise and sunset, enjoy cuisine and activities such as: shrimping, spreading a net fishing, catching crabs, three - striped crabs; then spend your time cooking the delicious foods from these seafoods, you completely will get the complete feelings and experience in this wetland region. 


If you are given a chance to take your trip, do not be hesitate to enjoy the interesting journey to Ca Mau province. Absolutely, it will satisfy you - nature lovers are keen on discovering the plants and animals, and experiencing the life on floating markets.

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