An interesting and must-discover destination - Vinh Long

Published:  11:44 Friday - February 26, 2016

Traveling to the region of rivers and water will bring us new and special experience and discovery. Vietnam is the country with various and abundant nature and canals. Therefore, it offers tourists a wide choice to visit any places that suit the needs and favourite of each person. Vinh Long is one of the interesting place to experience the life on river and enjoy fresh fruits.

Vinh Long is located in Mekong River Delta of south Vietnam. This is a wonderful land with a lot of exciting and fantastic places and activities to enjoy. Tourists will have completely new experience with the journey on the rivers in the small boats. The landscape is very natural with a lot of fruits and water. Coming here, tourists will take the chance to enjoy the life on water and live as a fisherman. Vinh Long is famous for fresh fruits, fishing and floating markets. Tourists will have a chance to taste delicious and strange fruits that you have never had the chance to enjoy before such as mangosteen, fragrant durian, rambutan. As Vinh Long is a favourable region to plant fruit trees and seafood, so tourists are so keen on the activities of taking fresh fruits from the trees and fishing on the river.

Besides it, Vinh Long also has a lot of stunning and majestic sceneries offering to visitors to discover including Van Thanh Mieu Pagoda, Vinh Long market and Sa Dec. Van Thanh Mieu pagoda is located on the bank of Long Ho river, in Vinh Binh District, Vinh Long City. Next to Tran Phu road, there is three-entrance gate built with three roof floors. Behind the gate is the shintoism leading to Dai Thanh chancel. On the road leading to inside of the pagoda, there are two lines of sao trees which is very high and it was planted since the pagoda was built, and three stelae in the center of shintoism.

The first stele with the writings of Phan Thanh Gian created in 1911, the second stele was to celebrate Tong Huu Dinh and those who contributed to restore the pagoda in the second time (1930), and the third stele was built in 1931 with the testament of Truong Thi Loan. The pagoda was built with the architecture influenced by French architecture. Inside the pagoda, straight shrine worship Khong Tu and the two sides (Ta Ban, Huu Ban) worship Tu Phoi, Thap Triet. At the two sides of straight shrine, there are two compartments (Ta Vu and Huu Vu) worship That thap nhi hien. In addition, in the campus of Van Thanh Mieu, there are two small ponds with a lot of lotuses and Tuy Van Lau. 

Three - entrance gate


On the trip in Vinh Long, visitors also can go to Vinh Long market where there are a lot of fruits and street foods are sold. The market has abundance of fruits in different types and it is also the distribution place to provide fruits for Ho Chi Minh city. You will have an opportunity to taste a lot of fruits and snacks in the market. Vinh Long market is one of the biggest market in the West and it is also the production place of many neighbouring provinces. Moreover, tourists should not miss the chance to enjoy floating market where a lot of fruits and vegetables are sold on the boats. It is a very busy and noisy atmosphere with the exchange between traders. 

Vinh Long market


Floating market

Last but least, taking a visit to Sa Dec is one of the must-enjoy experience to make your journey more wonderful and unforgettable. Sa Dec is located 30 kilometers west of Vinh Long and it is the ideal place to feel the beauty as well as taste specialities of Vinh Long. Tourists can take a visit to Flower villages to admire and take beautiful photos for memory. Also, Sa Dec is famous for hu tieu dish which is the speciality of Vinh Long. 

Hu tieu Sa Dec

Let's go to visit Vinh Long when you have chance to discover more about the beauty of Vietnam and to know that Vietnam is an ideal destination to travel and each region of the country will bring you different experience and memories.

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