A romantic and poetic capital of Thua Thien Hue

Published:  14:38 Tuesday - September 29, 2015

Today, we will discover a place known as capital of Thua Thien Hue province in central Vietnam and one of the World heritage sites that is poetic and lyrical Hue city.

Hue is a special place differing from other places in Vietnam because of its ancient and dreaming features. Coming to Hue, visitors will have a chance to feel the unique feature and the pace of life here. Hue is famous for having a lot of pagodas such as Thien Mu pagoda, Huyen Khong pagoda, Tu Dam pagoda and Thien Lam pagoda. These pagodas are designed with the unique architecture and the combination between old and new art, they bring visitors to the mystical spiritual world.


Besides it, there are several reputed and beautiful tombs as Khai Dinh tomb, Tu Duc tomb, Minh Mang tomb. These tombs are where the Kings are worshipped and recalled. While that, Khai Dinh tomb was recognized the Cultural World heritage by UNESCO, it is the grave of the King Khai Dinh-the 12th King of Nguyen dynasty.


In addition, Hue citadel is a very great and wonderful place recognized the Cultural World heritage in 1993 by UNESCO that often attracts many visitors, especially on the occasion of Cultural Festival with the cooperation of French Republic held biennially. There are many cultural and artistic activities happening on these days. In addition, there are a lot of landscapes for visitors to visit in Hue including Ngu Binh mountain, Huong river, Bach Ma mountain and Hue garden house. Most of them have become the inspiration of many poets and authors to compose profound literary works. On Summer, visitors can go to visit beaches as Lang Co beach, Thuan Ann beach and Canh Duong beach to have a refresh feelings.


Last but not least, Hue cuisine is a very interesting factor that you can not miss during your trip. A special feature of Hue cuisine is that it is very hot and piquant, so it is very suitable for those who are keen on spicy foods. We can list some traditional foods in Hue such as rice pastry, soft pastry wrapped in leaves, roast pork pastry, rice vermicelli with grilled meat and some sweet soups as purple sweet potatoes sweet soup, longan wrapped in lotus seed sweet soup, bean and rice pastry sweet soup, ect.


All of the beautiful landscapes and special foods mentioned above are just an overview of Hue city. To get a real experience and know more about Hue’s culture, you should let yourself enjoy the life and feel interesting things in this destination, you will find it so exciting.

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