WhyVietnam campaign kicks off soon

Published:  10:42 Tuesday - December 13, 2016

WhyVietnam campaign kicks off soon

Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) in partnership with online travel agency Vntrip.vn officially introduced WhyVietnam - a national campaign to promote tourism, which is also a part of the government’s 2016 tourism initiatives.

According to Nguyen Thanh Huong, representative of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, Vietnam’s abundant natural beauty, traditional cultural values, and world heritage sites have always been the charms that define it in the eyes of international friends. 

“However, Vietnam’s image to international tourists is not on par with that of our neighbouring countries. WhyVietnam is organised and expected to leverage tourism by the end of this year by spreading messages and inspiring Vietnamese citizens and international friends to adore, choose, and praise Vietnam as a dynamic, friendly, and safe destination,” Huong said.

Inspired by Vietnam’s timeless beauty and unexploited tourism potential, WhyVietnam campaign takes advantage of the emergence of social media, modern technology, and online marketing channels to promote the most beautiful moments of the Vietnamese landscape, the people, and its culture in and outside of the country. 

Le Dac Lam, CEO of Vntrip.vn, the partner of this campaign, said that besides previous efforts to boost tourism, the partnership with Vietnam Tourism Administration demonstrates the aspiration of a local startup to contribute to the growth of national. 

“Vntrip.vn’s strategic approach also corresponds to the Government’s vision to develop tourism as a key economic sector with a distinct cultural identity in order to compete with other countries in the region and over the world,” said Lam.

WhyVietnam inspires people to share the best photos about Vietnam on social media with the hashtag #Why Vietnam and a caption explaining why they love and/or chose Vietnam as their destination. 

Each photo will not only portray a new angle about the culturally rich yet modern, dynamic, and hospitable Vietnam, but also represent locals and foreigners’ love for this beautiful country. 

Moreover, each photo will be a different welcoming message inviting international friends to come and explore the country. 

Upon participation in this photo contest, entrants have the chance of winning an overland trip for two, worth up to VND50 million ($2,200) and various return plane tickets as additional prizes.__ VIR

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