The 1st international hot air-balloon festival Viet Nam - Binh Thuan

Published:  10:24 Tuesday - July 03, 2012

The 1st international hot air-balloon festival Viet Nam - Binh Thuan

From Aug. 29th - Sept. 3rd 2012, the first Viet Nam international hot air-balloon festival (VIHABF 2012) will take place in Phan Thiet city, Binh Thuan Province under the theme ‘Binh Thuan- Sun shine and Blue sea’.

The event held  the Binh Thuan Department of Cultureby, the Binh Thuan People’ Committee, Sports and Tourism and HCM-based Chien Thang Service Co., Ltd to celebrate the 37th anniversary of Binh Thuan liberation (1975 – 2012) and the 20th anniversary of the province’s re-establishment (1992 – 2012). 

It is expected that the festival will have the attendance of 20 – 30 balloons piloted by around 50 balloonists from Indonesia, France, Korea, China, Belgium, Japan, the Netherlands…

Each balloon is 22-30 meters in height and of 16-18 meters in diameter. All teams will perform twice a day (6:00-8:30 and 16:00-18:00) and the balloon will fly at the height of 200-500 meters with speed limit is 28km/h. Furthermore, there will be 5 balloons anchored at festival area for tourists to contemplate. In addition, many side-activities and other performances for the main festival will be also taken place at the same time.

The VIHABF 2012 is considered as a important festival of local authorities and people contributing to attract more domestic and int’l tourists to Binh Thuan. Hopefully,  the festival will become an annual event in the future

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