New trend in Vietnamese youth: The photos of childhood games

Published:  11:28 Monday - July 30, 2012

New trend in Vietnamese youth: The photos of childhood games

The pictures remind the 8X, 9X generations in Vietnam about some childhood games such as “ rong ran len may”, "ô ăn quan" (Mandarin Square Capturing), shooting marbles, “ kẹo kéo” dish (candy pulling), etc.

Recently, online communities tend to share the image of objects, childhood games. This trend commonly known by the name of my childhood is ..., What new generation never know, Do you remember the 8X, or get a ticket for my childhood, etc.

On many forums, admin managers are very hard to find rare images recording memories of the 8X, 9X.  Especially, the photos remind more about the 8X generation. But the surprise is the 9X also said that memories not belong only to the 8X, but many 9X have also experienced an unforgettable time with the folk games.

Today, the more developed our living conditions are, the moderner games children will play, but the youth still hold pride of the rustic toys.

The images associated with childhood memories are shared more  on the internet:


Shooting marbles.


" Rồng rắn lên mây"

 Ô ăn quan (Mandarin Square Capturing). 


Sitting in the basket when going shopping with mother.

Hide and seek game

Candy pulling. Days ago, children exchange aluminum, scrap metals and broken shoes for getting candy. 


Growing up, many kids still find the explanations for childhood memories

Translated by  HT

Source: Dantri

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