India helps to restore My Son heritage site

Published:  11:30 Friday - June 22, 2012

India helps to restore My Son heritage site

The Indian Government will provide Vietnam with 3 million USD to restore and preserve the world cultural heritage site of My Son in central Quang Nam province, announced the Indian Embassy on June 20.

The project will be carried out by Archaeological Survey of India, which previously successfully restored the temples at Angkor Wat and Ta Prhom in Cambodia and Wat Phou in Laos.

Marking the occasion, the Indian Council for Cultural Relations and the Vietnam Institute of Culture and Arts will co-organise a conference to discuss the links between the Cham civilisations in Vietnam and India on June 26-27.

Source: VNA

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India helps to restore My Son heritage site, Upgradding Ho Dynasty Citadel World Heritage Site to promote tourism. You also can visit our sites: Travel News, Vietnam in photos, Vietnam events, Vietnam Destination.

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