Inaugurating Cua Viet tourist area in Quang Tri

Published:  08:33 Saturday - July 21, 2012

Inaugurating Cua Viet tourist area in Quang Tri

In Gio Linh district, Quang Tri province, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism inaugurated the Cua Viet Tourist Service Centre on july 19.

The project, the construction of which got underway in 2011, has a total investment capital of VND45 billion and will cater to the province’s numerous festivals, in particular, the third Trans-Asia Bridge Festival in late July this year.

To attract investment to the project, the provincial People’s Committee has been focusing on upgrading the local infrastructure, including roads and stages since 2005.

It is hoped that Cua Viet will become a modern coastal tourist resort and a more attractive destination for domestic and overseas visitors alike, which will contribute more to local socio-economic development.

The new Cua Viet tourist facilities are essential to make sure Quang Tri’s tourism industry develops in a sustainable manner. It will also help the local authority to promote the Cua Tung-Cua Viet coastal route as part of the tourist triangle along the East-West economic corridor which connects Vietnam with Laos, Thailand and Myanmar.

Source: VNA

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