Hoi An, the First City in Asia Free WiFi Internet

Published:  15:05 Thursday - March 29, 2012

Hoi An, the First City in Asia Free WiFi Internet

In the morning of March 28, the Vietnam Data-communication Company (VDC) and Hoi An People's Committee (Quang Nam) inaugurated and put into free use the system of wireless internet service (WiFi) in Hoi An ancient city.

opening ceremony

Opening Ceremony of free WiFi Internet System

Hoi An is the first city in Vietnam as well as Asia to supply with wifi for the people and tourists who can easily access to internet freely and exploit information on local economy, culture, society, tourism, and festivals. This will help promoting Hoi An and Quang Nam images via internet, contribute to the tourism development and information technology socialization.

The WiFi system has 350 broadcasting locations in Hoi An, supplying the speed of 256 Mb/s for the local people and tourists. This availability of WiFi will help enterprises reduce network and infrastructure investment cost, and increase the guests traveling to Hoi An thanks to the convenience of discovering culture and people here.

The project “Free WiFi internet access in Hoi An ancient city” has a total budget of 25 billion dongs ($1200,000) and has been launched for 2 years.


Tourists can use free internet in Hoi An

Mr Truong Van Bay, Vice President of Hoi An People's Committee said the system of free WiFi applied in Hoi An is an efficient way to attract the world to Hoi An and make Hoi An closer to the world. WiFi not only supports for tourism department but also makes Hoi An become the friendlier destination to the tourists all over the world and contributes to the connection between the government and the local people. This initial success creates favorable conditions for the similar projects, which gradually support best quality with fixed broadband, mobile, 3G, 4G, promoting Vietnam to be a strong nation of Information Technology and Communication by 2020.

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