Ha Noi, Creating Breakthroughs in Tourism Products

Published:  00:03 Friday - March 30, 2012

Ha Noi, Creating Breakthroughs in Tourism Products

In 2012, Ha Noi will focus on resources to create breakthroughs in tourism products investment so as to promote Ha Noi tourism and attract more local and international tourists. The Ha Noi Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism stated so at the conference of developing tourism plan 2012, held on March 27.

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The tangible and intangible cultural heritages in Ha Noi which was recognized as the human’s natural heritage by UNESCO will be exploited to promote cultural values to people as well as develop tourism.

Firstly, Thang Long Citadel, completing the management focal point to be Thang Long heritage conservation center is a good condition for exploiting this tourism spot.

The Hanoi Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism will counsel the city management board on preservation, promotion and highlighting the global values of the heritages; at the same time complete information and tourists’ taste evaluation, train the tour guides to introduce heritage with tourists.

Secondly, Giong Festival has been formulated the promotion scheme to attract tourists there to explore and experience the cultural values of 1000 year history.

Thirdly, Ca Tru heritage will be replicated in performance sites to serve the tourists, in which the performance point on Ha Noi Ancient Street has much potential.

Fourthly, the Ancient streets in Hanoi will also be exploited to create traditional martial arts right at Kim Ngan communal house, serving the tourists freely. Attending this program, the tourists have opportunity to experience with martial art students and purchase martial art clothes as souvenirs…

Fifthly, Ha Noi Cai Luong theater will perform the excerpts to serve the guests or visitors staying in the ancient streets right at Chuong Vang, Hang Bac theaters. This product is assessed to be potential because currently it lacks plethora of recreational places at night.

Sixthly, The city has recently limited large car transportation into the central city, therefore, the Department of Culture, Spots and Tourism has researched to run the tourism bus travel with suitable itineraries for all the tourists.

Seventhly, The Department of Culture, Spots and Tourism stated that they will continue to complete the conservation project of Dong Ngac academics ancient village in Tu Liem district, creating a new destination. This is a village with plenty of cultural, historical and academic values, keeping the traditional characteristics though it is the environ of the city center where available high urbanization.  After completion, Dong Ngac ancient village can attract tourists like Duong Lam ancient village.

Another tourism product must be Ba Vi. It needs to be exploited the values on culture, eco-tourism, leisure and spirituality of this place.

With these targets, the Department will develop many different tourism products and attract a lot of tourists. In the past year, Hanoi received 1.9 million international tourists and nearly 12 million of local ones. It is expected to increase these numbers much more after making breakthroughs in some tourism products.

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