Ha Long to put a stop to unlicensed transport services

Published:  10:07 Wednesday - February 20, 2013

Ha Long to put a stop to unlicensed transport services

Unlicensed transport services, from big ships to boats or canoes in Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province, have caused troubles for tourists.

Ha Long Bay

Visitors are often taken to the area of old Bai Chay ferry and Saigon Tourist Wharf by the small boats and canoes at fee levels which are not regulated, often leaving tourists on their own to figure out the price and potentially be swindled.

Most of tourists visit the bay for the spectacular landscape of the bay, but once their boats are moored dozens of smaller boats selling trinkets and souvenirs rush to meet them.

After going ashore, tourists face coach, taxi and motorbike drivers who race each other to secure a fare. Many of them often become quite rude with tourists who are not interested in their services.

Other services offered in well-known tourist spots, such as restaurants, money exchanges and souvenir shops, charge visitors exorbitant prices. A number of tourists have even been threatened and attacked for refusing to use these services.

To deal with the situation, the People’s Committee of Quang Ninh Province has urged authorities of Ha Long City and the departments of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Transport to tighten control over tourism activities at the Bai Chay Ferry and Saigon Tourist Wharf.

Agencies have been instructed to set up official stops to receive visitors. Regulations on parking areas for motorbikes, taxi and coaches have also been recommended to prevent illegal transport services. The authorities of Ha Long City will deal with vendors and beggars as well as exorbitant pricing.


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