Antiquities on Hue Sidewalk

Published:  15:19 Saturday - March 10, 2012

Antiquities on Hue Sidewalk

On Tran Hung Dao street, Hue city, there are three special stalls: Antiquities dating back hundreds of years are displayed right on the sidewalk.

These stalls’ owners are sampan people. The selling antiques are salvaged in Huong river or excavated from the ancient tombs.


Antiquities or Artificial Antiquities from Hue's sidewalk

The tourists who travel there can freely choose an antique or artificial antique that they like, such as primitive stone tools, vessels and dishes from feudal dynasties in Hue or mementos from the war against France, America like medals, water vessels, lighters, hats, flashlights, kit-bags…Particularly, the presence of numerous coins from the reign of King Tu Duc, Ham Nghi, etc…makes the tourists very excited because some of them may love the ancient items or just purchase to bring in their home the unique and strange gifts from Vietnam.


Vessels, Dishes, Kettles


Pottery Vessels from Feudal Dynasties of Vietnam

The open space, the friendly sellers and especially the extremely cheap price are what the tourist can hardly find in anywhere else.

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