5 ideal tropical paradises in Vietnam

Published:  16:07 Thursday - December 22, 2016

5 ideal tropical paradises in Vietnam

CNN Travel recently posted an article on their website in which they promoted travel to Vietnam and what they referred to as five ideal tropical paradises. Here are the photos and locations they touted.

Nha Trang

“Palm tree shaded beaches, striking ancient temples, cheap hotels, fresh seafood grilled right on the beach, mind-numbing booze cruises for just a few bucks and a lively bar scene where locals, expats and tourists happily mingled at oceanfront places like the Sailing Club made Nha Trang a fun place to party and relax”, says CNN.

Hon Tre Island

Per CNN, Vinpearl Land on Hon Tre Island is Vietnam's version of Disney World, which has a water park, aquarium and clear, calm beach, all in one place for about US$30 dollar admission per person.

“Vinpearl has a resort on a separate part of the island complete with a lush 18-hole golf course designed by IMG Worldwide”.

Phu Quoc Island

“The Phu Quoc Prison museum is worth a visit for those wanting to learn more about the area's past”, says CNN.

The island is also famous for fish sauce. Produced on the island, it's considered the best in the world and an essential ingredient in Vietnamese cooking.

Con Dao Island

The small island of Con Dao may be the next frontier for Vietnam island hoppers charmed by the idea of exploring a beautiful place before the rest of the world moves in.

“Diving here is said to be the best in Vietnam, CNN writes in the article.

Whale Island 

Whale Island is an eco-friendly resort with basic amenities just a two-hour boat ride from Nha Trang.

There's an abundance of activities for nature and water sport lovers, including diving, snorkeling, sailing and kayaking.

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