Wonderpark - entertainment paradise with harmoniously beautiful

Published:  16:06 Sunday - December 11, 2011

Wonderpark is entertainment paradise with beautiful scenery. Coming here, guests can visit the entire resort, play lots of games, take a swim in the sea and relax with cheap price.

With the admission fee of 20.000 VND/ adult and 10.000 VND/ children, guests can visit the entire resort, play lots of games, take a swim in the sea and relax. To get a tour around the resort, you can choose to either ride a tandem for the price of 20.000 VND/ hour; ride a horse or take the train for the most affordable price of only 2.000 VND/ person.

The Entrance Gate of Wonderpark

From Wonderpark Square, visitors traveling by train will go through many entertaining areas in the amusement park such as the Nhâm Ngọ Square with ancient houses, Sao Biển Square, Thủy Triều Square,Thiên Ngoạn Square, etc. The sceneries are harmoniously beautiful. The further one gets into the resort, the more peaceful the scenery becomes. While making your way through the quiet countryside, we can see velvet bamboo, banana trees and evergreen grass.


traveling around Wonderpark by riding a horse

If you don’t want to take the train or ride a horse, you can simply choose to stroll around or ride a tandem, exploring the place. In addition to the outdoor entertainment areas, there are other activity options for tourists like riding motorboats, parasailing, games with rafts and buoys, etc. There is also a garden containing rare species of birds like sea eagles, peacocks, ostriches, and more. Particularly, coming to the Thủy Triều Square, you can enjoy some coffee on a floating raft. It is an ideal location for couples to spend their romantic moments. Young people can also try rowing, or some breathtaking adventures in the Insect park. The rock garden will interest tourists with giant blocks of vertical rock situated in the middle of trees and flowers.


Beach area - highlight of Wonderpark

The Highlight of Wonderpark in Nha Trang is the beach area, stretching nearly one kilometer. Being a part of a peaceful bay, the water is calm and blue all year long. Moreover, the sea here is quite shallow and safe; very suitable for camping and outdoor activities. There is also a restaurant on the water surface to serve tourists dishes of coastal cuisine.

If tourists in Vietnam Travel have chance to visit Khanh Hoa Province, Wonderpark is a must-see place that should not be missed!


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