Vung Tau- A place for the convergence of beautiful beaches

Published:  17:02 Saturday - November 26, 2011

To most tourists in Vietnam travel, Vung Tau is one of the most interesting destinations and loved for its extensive beaches. Tourists always prefer sightseeing at Front Beach (Bãi Trước) and going swimming in Back Beach (Bãi Sau).

As not far from Ho Chi minh city, only travelling about 125 kilometers,  Vung Tau city is located in the peninsula of the name same. This is the border of  the South and the West of Vietland, where we can see the sun on the East Sea, both sunrise and sunset.

Vung Tau beach

The first beach is front beach (Bãi Trước in Vietnamese), in the West of the city, where the sun goes down. The Front Beach is considered the façade of Vung Tau city. It is also called by other names such as Tam Duong beach or Hang Dua bay. Besides the best location, the beach is also preferred for having many restaurants and elegant hotels. Sparking, colorful and bright light boulevard make the Front Beach more beautiful.

Fron beach in Vung Tau

Front Beach (Bãi Trước)

Opposite to the Front Beach is, Back beach (Thuy Van beach or Bãi Sau in Vietnamese). Back Beach is well-known for its over 10 kilometers of fine sand seaside. The beach is always excited and busy with almost tourists both from the city itself and the world. At weekends or on holidays, thousands of people often come here for swimming and entertainment. In the Back Beach, there is a popular kind of entertainment: Paradis, the upgraded swimming and relaxing area, and a system of modern hotels, welcoming all tourists joining tours to Vietnam. Other beautiful beaches are Pineapple Beach (Bãi Dứa) and Mudberry Beach (Bãi Dâu).

Back beach in Vung Tau

Back Beach (Bãi Sau)

From the Front Beach, Halong street curls to the Pineapple Beach. The reason for placing that name dated a long time ago, when the beach had many pineapple trees, thus it was called Pineapple garden. Many Vung Tau people also call the beach Lang Du, which originated from the local’s first restaurant’s name.

Right in here, the sea goes far into the land and the rock mountain goes from the land to the sea establishing romantic and hidden small beaches. The beach attracts a lot of tourists. Nearby, the Temple of Southern sea Saint and Tinh Xa nirvana are attractive tourist sites, which were built on one of these rock mountains.

Mudberry Beach lying in the North of the city is at the foot of Nui Lon. There used to be a lot of mudberry and ratten so it is also named Ratten beach. Nevertheless, today, there is no longer any mudberry and ratten. So now, when talking about Bai Dau, people think of a windless and rocky beach. Tourists in Vietnam travel should walk on about a few meters to see a 30m-high statue of Mother Maria shining in the green picturesque forest and sea landscape.

If you are searching for information about trips to Vietnam on the Internet and planning to visit Vietnam in the near future, I highly recommend you take the time to visit Ba Ria- Vung Tau where many beautiful beaches are converged. This is a must-visit destination, where beautiful beaches and exciting entertainment activities come together. You can spend your time and enjoy your good vacation trip here.

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