Visiting Ba Be National Park

Published:  14:47 Tuesday - February 16, 2016

Traveling is always considered the most interesting way to enjoy and discover the life around us. Visiting the favourite place will give you a chance to not only enjoy entertainment but also get to know more about beautiful and wonderful landscapes.

Ba Be National Park is the eighth national park in Vietnam and it is also a stunning and magnificent place to visit. It is located in Bac Kan province. The national park was established in 1992 and it is an ideal destination for those who want to discover and experience the nature. Coming to Ba Be National Park, tourists will broaden your mind by admiring a lot of wild animals and plants in the park.

The national park is home to 550 named plant species. Besides it, there are 65 mammals, 353 butterflies, 106 species of fish, 4 kinds of turtle and many other rare and wild animals living in the park. Visiting Ba Be National Park, visitors will take the chance to learn more about the nature and water in the park. Tourists will admire the magnificent valleys and water falls. Everything combines to create a fantastic and stunning view. Furthermore, you should miss the chance to go to visit Ba Be Lake on the journey to Ba Be National Park. 

Ba Be Lake belongs to Ba Be National Park and it is the largest natural park in Vietnam and one of the one hundred fresh water lakes in the world as well. The lake has three islands including An Ma, Khau Cum and Po Gia Mai. The lake comprises three zones named Pe Lam, Pe Lu and Pe Leng. Ba Be Lake is one of the attractions of Ba Be National Park. The blue water and green trees around the lake make a very beautiful landscape. The lake also has a lot of fresh water fishes and it will be a wonderful experience to take a boat on the lake. Moreover, Ba Be Lake is the destination with caves, valleys, lakes and waterfalls. The lake has a feast of limestone and tropical forest. It is very interesting and exciting to go around the lake and discover the stunning landscapes of the lake. 

Last but not least, during the trip, tourists can experience homestay in Mr. Linh's house. The house is built of wood and with a palm leaf roof. Experiencing homestay in the house, tourists will get to know more about the Tay culture. The house is the harmony combination between modern and luxurious facilities. Tourists will enjoy the wonderful feelings in the house and pay attention to the fantastic landscapes of Ba Be National Park. The house is different from usual homestay and it also attracts a lot of tourists when coming to visit Ba Be National Park. 

Let's spend your trip in Ba Be National Park once to enjoy the magnificent and wonderful beauty of nature, mountains and water. The national park is also an attraction in Bac Can and it always attracts a lot of tourists in the country and all over the world.

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