Visit Kim Hy Nature Reserve in Bac Kan Province

Published:  21:09 Thursday - December 08, 2011

Kim Hy Nature Reserve is located in Vu Muon, Cao Son communes in Bach Thong District and Luong Thuong, An Tinh, Con Minh communes in Na Ri District, Bac Kan Province.

Covering an area of over 14,000ha, the nature reserve has hundreds of rare flora and fauna species which must been managed and protected closely.

Kim Hy Nature Reserve-Bac Kan province

Kim Hy Nature Reserve- Bac Kan Province

It is assessed as the reserve of primeval nature by Vietnamese and foreign scientists with hundreds of rare flora and fauna species. Among them Presbytis francoisi francoisi, squirrel, monkey are endangered species all over the world. Specially, in Vietnam tourism, visiting Kim Hy Nature Reserve, you will see diversity of bat species reputed most species in Vietnam. In addition, the natural reserve is large valuable wood-store of Bac Kan Province with hundreds of thousands of nghien, lat, dinh trees, mountain pine, etc.

Kim Hy is also home to endangered flora species such as stone-pine (thiet san gia) which is only present at 4 mountainous provinces of North Vietnam and two provinces of Guangdong, Guangxi (China). Besides diversified fauna and flora, the Kim Hy Natural Reserve is abundant in minerals, especially gold.

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