Vinpearl Land - "Tropical Paradise" With luxury and modern

Published:  15:05 Saturday - December 10, 2011

Vinpearl Land has become an ideal destination for tourists and has been referred to as a "tropical paradise". This resort provides luxury accommodation is also the venue of beauty contests and other national and international cultural events.

After nearly 10 years of construction and operation, Vinpearl Land has become an ideal destination for tourists and has been referred to as a "tropical paradise". This resort provides luxury accommodation is also the venue of beauty contests and other national and international cultural events. Vinpearl has earned the name, The Pearl of Vietnam.


Vinpearl Land - Tourist paradise

Tourist paradise

It was nearly 10 years ago when Vinpearl Land (The Vietnamese Pearl) began being constructed on Hon Tre island - Khanh Hoa. From a quiet and almost unknown island, Vinpearl has now become an attraction that visitors to Nha Trang - Khanh Hoa cannot ignore. To those who have visited Vinpearl, this resort has provided a harmonious combination between modernity and tradition, between man-made beauty and natural landscapes. The modern conveniences haven't hinderd the natural and wild charm of the "pearl island", which lies in one of the 29 most beautiful bays in the world. The elegance of the modern Western mainstream has been used not only in the interior structure, but in the manner of service and operation as well. Conversely, the beauty of traditional Oriental motifs emphasized from curved roofs and the use of bamboo have captured the peaceful and rural aspects of Vietnam.

Vinpearl Resort & Spa

Vinpearl Resort & Spa's design has always been heralded for it's sustainable natural value, high standards and graceful location by the sea. In particular, the area and landscape of Vinpearl is ideal for honeymooners on vacation. To the "pearl island ", couples will have timeless romance; moments that include strolls on green grass, listening to the melodies of birds singing; sitting on the sand watching the waves and hearing their words of love stories from the ancient sea. The restaurants located along the beautiful channel next to the sea are also ideal places for luxurious candlelit , or enjoying the simplicity of coffee between friends. The variety of restaurants will satisfy all the culinary tastes of the world.

All the senses and tastes can be met here in Vinpearl Land. Visitors who are interested in exciting games can come and try them with a spirit of adventure in the amusement park; watch 3D movies; visit Vietnam’s largest aquarium with unique marine life, creating a fascinating ocean environment; listen to country music at the outdoor stage or play in freshwater parks by the sea. Visitors can also enjoy healthfulness from services in Viet Spa, go shopping and walk through the neighborhood of Vinpearl. Those who prefer quiet space and purity of mind can visit Truc Lam Institute. When the afternoon light fades through the stairs of the island, looking at the curved roofs of the Vietnamese temples, listening to the resounding temple bells, one can find peacefulness and serenity.

A sustainable policy

After years of operation, Vinpearl Land has focused on some sustainable policies. Accordingly, since the first of November, 2009, guests staying at Vinpearl Resort & Spa have been served 3-course buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner free of charge, with Asian and European menus (including more than 30 dishes), prepared by leading chefs. Staying in Vinpearl Land, tourists can enjoy many activities in the theme park and use many other facilities and incentives. Talking to reporters, Mr. Nguyen Trong Hien, Chairman of the Board Vinpearl Land said: "As part of the development strategy to become a leading luxury travel group in Vietnam, we not only invest in building and spreading the Vinpearl brand to all urban areas throughout the country, we also constantly invest in research, improve service quality, promote customer-oriented activities and take the appropriate service packages, in line with the needs of tourists. In 2008, Vinpearl Land successfully introduced the full package card for tourists to the shopping and entertainment zone.

And now, they have decided to apply the new full package for hotel services. This is a sustainable policy, and no longer a short-term promotion. We believe that the new price policy will satisfy even the most demanding customers. The primary goal of Vinpearl Land is to provide guests with the best resort service according to the international five-star standards at appropriate prices. We are proud to be the first resort in Vietnam to have the senior policy application for full package hotel services. With this package, guests can take advantage of all the services during their holiday in Vinpearl Land, and significantly save quite a lot.

The modern of Vinpearl Land

As time goes by, Vinpearl Land has become better recognized as  "Pearl of Vietnam". Many cultural events of entertainment, especially big beauty contests of Vietnam and the world as Miss Vietnam, the Miss Vietnam World, Miss Earth, Miss Universe have been held here. Appropriately, in addition to the name "Pearl of Vietnam", it is also called "Island of Beauty" by its supporters. When staying at Vinpearl, having a chance to see a beauty queen, a movie star or a famous singer can be considered a daily routine, which is highly uncommon elsewhere.

Visitors to Vinpearl Land will stay at the Vinpearl Resort & Spa five-star hotel with 485 rooms and stunning architecture, including 17 suites and two Presidential rooms. Vinpearl Resort & Spa has a natural beach of 700m and a modern system of beautiful outdoor pools with an area of ​​5.700m2 (the largest in Southeast Asia), situated in the middle of coconut gardens, lawns, plants garden and many other services for entertainment. To meet the needs of MICE tourism as well as organizing major events, Vinpearl Land has an adequate system of conference rooms and event centers that can seat 1,500 people and an outdoor theater with 5,000 covered seats.

From now until 20-4-2010, couples coming to "Heaven of Happiness" in Vinpearl Land will experience a perfect holiday of love  at the price of $362 for 3 days and 2 nights or $486 for 4 days and 3 nights. Accordingly, the couple will receive a romantic bedroom, complimentary photographs to preserve the moments of happiness; free gift voucher for foot massage, three free buffet breakfast meals, lunch with a romantic dinner for two people; free airport shuttle; and free games at amusement parks in Vinpearl Land ...

If tourists in Vietnam Travel have chance to visit Khanh Hoa Province  Vinpearl Land is a must-see place that should not be missed!

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