Vinh Hung Ancient Tower- Ancient Architecture Vestige

Published:  10:33 Wednesday - January 04, 2012

Vinh Hung Tower was originated from Angkor period of Khmer people and until now is it still preserved. Visiting the tower, tourists in Vietnam travel will see the only ancient architecture vestige in the Mekong River Delta.

Vinh Hung tower is located in Vinh Hung A commune, Vinh Loi district, Bac Lieu province. The tower is the only ancient architecture vestige in the Mekong River Delta, originated from Angkor period of Khmer people, which is still preserved till nowadays.

Following the National highway No.1A from Bac Lieu towards Ca Mau, after driving 5 kilometers visitors in Vietnam tourism will reach Sap bridge; then turning towards the direction of Vinh Hung market, the visitors will reach Vinh Hung tower.

Vinh Hung Ancient Tower- Ancient Architecture Vestige

Vinh Hung Ancient Tower

The tower was discovered in 1911 and at that time, it was listed as one of the historical sites in southern Vietnam. The tower is also known as Luc Hien or Bhah Dhat tower.

In the 20th century, archeologists a stele carved with Sanskrit scripts, which clearly states the 814th month or the 892th year (BC) in a pagoda next to the tower.

The 8,9 meter-high Vinh Hung tower is built on a hill with simple structure. In the tower, there are a Buddha’s hand made of copper; a lower body part of the Goddess; a statue of the Goddess made from green stone, statue of Goddess Brahma; a Buddha’s head made from copper and many worshipping items.

Monks in the tower pagoda chant twice a day at 4:00 am and 4:00 pm. Every year, local residents organize an anniversary on the 15th day of the first lunar month at the tower. A large number of Buddhists inside and outside Bac Lieu Province pilgrimage to the pagoda to pray for good things.

If you, tourists in Vietnam travel, want good things to come to you, don’t forget to go to the pagoda and pray for them.

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