Tuyen Linh Pagoda in Recognition of Nation as Cultural and Historical Heritage

Published:  09:55 Monday - November 28, 2011

Traveling to Ben Tre province, tourists joining tours in Vietnam should not ignore to visit Tuyen Linh Pagoda which was recognized cultural and historical heritage at the national level on July 20, 1994. The pagoda is also the place where a temple festival takes place many cultural exchange activities and celebrates the anniversary of Uncle Ho’s birthday on May 19 annually.

It was built in Tan Rooster (1861), the reign of Tu Duc in the 14th. Firstly, Tuyen Linh pagoda named Tien Phong Khanh Linh by the venerable abbot, and is made of bamboo and leaves Sam to her church.

In 1907, the Le Khanh Hoa, legal name is Thich Nhu Tri, in Phu Le Commune; Ba Tri district, wh has become the guardian of this temple. He is a very respectful Buddhist master; a venerable scholar Le Khanh Hoa has preached the Buddhist doctrine, training students. With a lot of knowledge, he makes more than 90% of local people following Buddhism which made by the venerable Le Khanh Hoa the founder of the Southern Buddhist and Luong Xuyen Buddhist associations.

Tuyen linh Pagoda

Tuyen Linh pagoda (before and after restoration)

Nguyen Sinh Sac, Uncle Ho's father had several dozen remained excluded in Tuyen Linh pagoda. He has been here for a very long time, from 1927 to 1929. During his stay at the temple, he set up teaching classes, medicine room to cure for people. This is also the place where Mr Nguyen Sinh Sac had met Tran Van An, Huynh Khac Man, Le Van Phat, and the number of people they later became first class members of the Party Committee of Ben Tre. In 1929, he was being sick and people found the way taking him to Dong Thap. Tuyen Linh pagoda is also the place where a lot of Vietnamese soldiers have been hidden. It was twice destroyed by boom of enemy. The pagoda has been restored several times and the latest renovation was in 1999. However, many historical objects have been lost. The chairman of Minh Duc commune Viet Hung said they were planning to build the museum in that pagoda. Firstly, they would collect the ancient objects, restore the pagoda and after that they would reconstruct the transportation system for visitors in Vietnam tourism easily traveling to Tuyen Linh Pagoda.

Thanks to the recognition of the nation as cultural and historical heritage site, Tuyen Linh pagoda of Ben Tre province surely will attract more and more travelers, making great contributions to the development of the regional tourism.

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