Tri An lake

Published:  09:42 Tuesday - July 17, 2012

It is great fun to go boating on the lake with its water is clear and blue and visitors can go to the fishing village.

Tri An hydroelectric station with the capacity of 320,000 kw supplys Dong Nai province and the surrounded area with the electricity.

There are a lot of special and strange fish in this lake, which we can try for lunch!” After a two hour drive, 60km from Saigon, tourists in Vietnam travel will arrive at Tri An Hydroelectric Dam. The river banks were lush and green all year around. On the other side the level of water is also rather low considering it’s been rainy season for the last few months.

“Before the village was set up over 10 years ago, the lake was full of fish. Many people would come here and catch fish easily. they rarely had to buy a fish. “But, even if you did, a kilo of fish was as cheap as bundle of vegetables in the market.” The fishing village actually sits on the side of the reservoir and looks rather poor and deserted. There are about a dozen fishing boats there but as they arrive most of them are heading out to fish.

The island is said to be a “tourism area” but the buildings are dilapidated or collapsed. Sadly no one takes care of the island. Nature has been allowed to run wild and is perhaps all the more beautiful for that. The paths are covered with velvety rug of green moss. Wild flowers are everywhere and the air is pure and fresh.


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