Travel to Pa Khoang Reservoir in Dien Bien

Published:  10:59 Tuesday - September 06, 2011

Pa Khoang Reservoir is located in Muong Phang Commune, Dien Bien District, 20km from the Dien Bien City. Initially, Pa Khoang was just a stream. However, when irrigation works were built, the stream became a lovely lake with a system of drainage and watertight gates used to regulate the water running onto the thousands of hectares of rice fields.

With a large surface area of 400 to 600ha, Pa Khoang displays charming scenery of pretty stilt- houses mirrored in the transparent water upon which some small boats slowly glide across. Pa Khoang Reservoir offers favorable conditions for a combination of eco-tourism and outdoor activities.
If you are in Vietnam travel and once time visit Dien Bien, this is a must try interesting places.

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