Travel to Bau Cat where lotus develops in desert

Published:  17:09 Thursday - October 03, 2013

Come into this land, you will be attracted by a very great land with the white sand dunes crossing two deep blue lakes and pink lotus flowers.

Bau Trang can be also called as Bau Cat, Bau Sen, Bach Ho which are located in Hong Lam hamlet, Hoa Thang commune, Bac Binh district and 45 kilometer from Phan Thiet city, Tourists can come to Bau Cat by the two different routes: from Phan Thiet you can walk along the coastline route to Mui Ne market and continue to drive along the coastline border in one hour that the destination will appear. The second way can be used is from Phan Thiet city , along 1A national road, reaching Luong Son, you can turn right about 18 kilometers through bare hills and dream-like sand dunes in Bau Trang will appear.

Bau Trang has two big lakes (Mr Bau ( Bau Ong) and Mrs Bau ( Bau Ba)and a heap of dream-like sand dune separates two lakes. The legend of Cham people says that in the past, Bau is the gate of a lake leading to the sea but then the sands are recovered so that it becomes 2 lakes. Another legend says that there was a big lakes and  a small one.

The ideal site to drive by motor bicycles

No one can define what the legend is exact about the origin of this site. This place keeps may mysteries that people caught a crocodile right in the lake and in the bottom of the lake there are so many strange water plants and mosses which can tightly stick on people’s foot. However, when you come to this desert, you can “swim” in the blue water and each lotus flower.


Motor bicycles in sand dunes

To conquer the hot and so vast desert, you should use 2 not-relate-to each-other vehicles: motor bicycles in sands and boats.

There are always many motor bicycles available with different colors; you just need send word with the managing owner here to hire a bicycle to rush in and feel the hot smell of sands and the sun as well as feel the beauty of this site.

After an interesting journey with the bicycle, a small boat floating in the vast lake will bring a different experience for you. In the poetic beauty of the sky, green leaves bobs in waves and you can wallow in the great lotus perfume or free your soul in the silent atmosphere and listen to the sounds of catching foods of fishes.

When you get tired but it’s not easy for you to leave this heaven, small tents in near forests will helps you lengthen your great dream about the beauty and peace of this wonderful land.

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