Travel to a picturesque spot in Quang Ngai province

Published:  08:43 Tuesday - August 07, 2012

"Thach Ky dieu tau" is a gorgeous spot located to the south of Sa Ky seaport in An Vinh Hamlet, Tinh Ky Commune in Son Tinh District in the province.


The picturesque site used to be among the top 12 landscapes of Quang Ngai province which was extolled by artists in the past but now is in the top two and is much loved by locals.

Nearby the cliff there are two huge human footsteps created from various stones and an open-air stone cave. When a wave flows into the cave, water will spray out from a hole beneath the cave that looks like a wine furnace. According to the legend, there was a giant man carrying stones to lock the seaport. But unfortunately, he dropped the last load of stones so it helped create two mountains and his footsteps were left behind.

In particular, tourists will find it interesting to see a black lava block consisting of many diversified stone shapes spreading out the sea. According to scientists, thanks to the identity of these stones they can surmise that there was a volcano dated from tens of thousands years ago at this location.

As it has cliffs and holes there are many seafood specialties, among them are some tasty fish such as hong, doi, ke and hanh and huynh de crab, sea eel, sea snake and sea urchin.

Coming to the spot, tourists in Vietnam travel can admire the magnificent landscapes and watch daily activities of local people like children playing on waves and fishing coracles bubbling on the water surface.


Source: SGT

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