Tra Vinh

  • Ho's Citadel

    Ho's Citadel

    Ho citadel is controlled by Thanh Hoa Relics and Landscape Management Board. The relics of Ho citadel has been classified as National...
  • Tra Vinh and its specilialities

    Tra Vinh and its specilialities

    Vietnam is divided into three main regions including Northern region, Central region and Southern region. Each region bears itself a...
  • A Closer look at the largest Khmer temple in Vietnam

    A Closer look at the largest Khmer temple in Vietnam

    Located in Vam Ray hamlet, Ham Tan Commune, Tra Cu District, Tra Vinh Province, Vam Ray Temple was formally inaugurated on 22 May, 2010....
  • Thang Long Citadel

    Thang Long Citadel

    The architectural relics consist of the foundation, the base of pillars, sections of brick walls, road sections, brick/gravel tiled...
  • Hoa Lu Citadel

    Hoa Lu Citadel

    The mountains and sea combined to make Hoa Lu picturesque landscape. Hoa Lu lays in a flat valley surrounded by the Trang An lime stone...
  • Hue Citadel

    Hue Citadel

    The poetic and beautiful Hue of Vietnam was chosen to be the capital of the Southern Kingdom under Nguyen Lords’ Dynasty, and...
  • Co Loa Citadel

    Co Loa Citadel

    The artefacts are numerically dominated by the ploughshares, of which there are 96. Six hoes and a chisel were in the set. There were 32...
  • Ta Kon ancient citadel

    Ta Kon ancient citadel

    At one end of the wall is a deep cave. According to Dinh Khuat, deputy police chief of Vinh Son Commune in Vinh Thanh District, it is a...
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