Tra Vinh and its specilialities

Published:  15:00 Friday - February 26, 2016

Vietnam is divided into three main regions including Northern region, Central region and Southern region. Each region bears itself a special and unique culture and specialty. While that, Southern region is the most diversified and special region with the existing of the west area as well as Mekong Delta River region.

Tra Vinh is a province located in the Mekong Delta River and it has the specialty and culture of this region. Especially, the province is different from other provinces in Mekong Delta River at the point that it has a lot of pagodas and it is the homeland of Khmer culture with of a lot of Khmer pagodas in the province. Visiting Tra Vinh, tourists not only enjoy the majestic beauty of nature but also take the chance to go to visit many pagodas and get to know more about the culture of Khmer. 

First of all, Tra Vinh is known as the preserved place of Khmer culture with both tangible and intangible culture. Therefore, there are so many Khmer pagodas built in the province including 140 pagodas. There are some famous Khmer pagodas such as Hang pagoda, Nodol pagoda or stork pagoda as it is the homeland of thousands of storks and other types of bird, Samronge pagoda where has ancient stelae sculptured with the characters of Khmer. Besides it, every year, Khmer people organize a lot of traditional festivals making the province more beautiful and busy. Some of them are Chol chnam thmay (New Year Festival), Dolta (ancestor worship festival), Ok Om Bok (Moon worship festival), Dang bong, Dang phuoc, etc. If you can take the advantage to take part in the festivals of Khmer, you will know more about Khmer culture and custom.

Chol chnam thmay festival


Hang pagoda


Ok Om Bok Festival

Dolta Festival

In the relation with Khmer pagodas, Tra Vinh is also a province with many famous pagodas such as: Ong Met pagoda, Chim pagoda, Phuong pagoda, Ang pagoda. Ang pagoda is an ancient Khmer pagoda located in Nguyet Hoa Commune, Chau Thanh District,Tra Vinh province. It is surrounded by old trees of Ba Om pond or Ao Vuong. The pond has the length of 500 meters and width of 300 meters, it covers the area of about 10 hectares with the tranquil, blue and fresh water. The pond is surrounded with a lot of sao trees and in the afternoon, there are tens of thousands of storks gathering on the top of sao trees and making a noisy and busy atmosphere. The pond is next to Ang pagoda, so on the trip visiting Ba Om pond and enjoying the landscape in this place, tourists can go to visit the pagoda and learn more about the culture of Khmer people and listen to legendary stories of them.


Ong Met pagoda


Ang pagoda


Ba Om pond

Moreover, tourists can go to visit Ba Dong Beach located in Truong Long Hoa Commune, Duyen Hai District. It is an interesting and exciting beach with stunning scene and numerous sand dunes. Tourists can enjoy the fantastic games on the beach such as flying kites, motorbike racing, surfing on sand. Particularly, enjoying the seafood will bring you unforgettable feelings with some popular seafood dishes like crab sauce eaten with bananas, carambola, girdle cakes, rice rolls and boiled meat. These are special dishes that you should not miss to taste on the Ba Dong beach.

Ba Dong Beach


Tra Vinh always welcome tourists come and experience wonderful and amazing things in this place. Do not hesitate to visit stunning sceneries and enjoy delicious dishes in this place. It absolutely will make you impress and unforgettable.  

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