Tourists Traveling to Ha Long Bay Increase Dramatically

Published:  17:09 Friday - March 30, 2012

Thanks to the official recognition of Ha Long Bay to be a new world's natural wonder, the number of guests visiting Ha Long increases dramatically, announced the Quang Ninh provincial leaders. New7Wonders assessed each wonder would receive more than $1 billion every year.


Mr. Bernard Weber, Chairman (middle) and Mr. Jean Paul, General Director (right)

of New7Wonders organization replied the Press on March 30

Talking to the press this morning, March 30, Mr. Bernard Weber, President of the New7Wonders organization said the world's natural wonder icon will be awarded to Ha Long Bay on April 27 in Ha noi and May 1 in Ha Long bay. The icons will be kept in a solemn place where the people can gaze with veneration and take photos.

The nation with a global wonder gains more than what they spent, said Mr. Bernard. This organization had independent researches on benefit increase after a place becomes a wonder. It is estimated that each place will gain more than $1 billion each year from tourism. “Becoming a world's natural wonder is the most efficient way of investment”, Mr Bernard added.

Chairman of the New7Wonders organization also confirmed that information that requires the payment of annual fee is incorrect. In fact, New7Wonders only required the nations registering geographical places to pay $199 at the starting time four years ago.

In 2011, the number of tourists visiting Ha Long bay reached 6.6 million turns, in which 2.5 million are foreign people. In the first quarter this year, the number reached 2.4 million turns, increasing up to 20% compared to the previous year, in which 240,000 visitors are from abroad. Ms Vu Thi Thu Thuy, Vice Chairman of Quang Ninh province said.

Ms Thuy revealed the sharp increase in the tourists visiting Ha Long bay results from the recognition of Ha Long Bay as a global natural wonder. Thanks to the poll, the image of this beauty spot has been promoted all over the world, and alluring tourists to Vietnam.

Talking bout the Government's expense for voting Ha Long Bay, Mr. Nguyen Van Tinh, Head of the International Cooperation (Ministry of Culture, Spots and Tourism) stated that in 2011, the Ministry of Culture, Spots and Tourism was sponsored 50 billion dongs ($2,500,000) for tourism promotion. Five big tourism promotion proposals conducted at home and abroad were incorporated with voting Ha Long Bay. Therefore, the cost for voting Ha Long Bay cannot be counted.

Previously, Mr Tinh said Vietnamese people sent 24,090,000 messages to vote Ha Long bay, costly 15billion dongs ($700,000).

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