To Thi Mountain – “Waiting for Her Husband”- Lang Son

Published:  22:36 Thursday - December 22, 2011

Located in Lang Son province, To Thi Mountain, also called Vong Phu Mountain, has the shape of a woman holding a kid in her arms and waiting her husband coming back from the fight in the North Vietnam.

To Thi Mountain or Vong Phu Mountain means "waiting for her husband". From ancient times, this human-shaped stone has been associated with the fairy Mrs To Thi hold the baby to waite for husband return from battle field, but never saw him back, and finally she was turned into a rock. So that people called it To Thi.

To Thi Mountain – “Waiting Her Husband”- Lang Son

To Thi Mountain- Lang Son Province

Located on the Northwest of Tam Thanh Mount, Lang Son City, Lang Son province, the legend about To Thi had come into Vietnamese people mind that has created natural image of a mother hugging her child, waiting for husband so long and they turned into stone. Throughout the years, from natural and human impact, the rock has been heavily damaged. However, Lang Son province has had a copy of To Thi built in order to retain this cherished relic that has gone into the feeling of Vietnamese people.

If possible, you once come to Lang Son in Vietnam travel and visit this mountain where you can see a faithful symbol of the iron hearts of Vietnamese women like Mrs To Thi in the fairy tale.


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