The unique temple inTibetian style

Published:  08:48 Thursday - July 14, 2016

It is interesting to know that Vietnam has a Tibetian temple which is located right in the city center of Binh Duong. The temple keeps the origin of Tibetian structure but well blends into local Vietnamese culture.

Temple Tibetan have a unique architecture and is one of the rare ancient house built in the style Tibetan Tantric. The temple is located on a hill, situated 46B of Thich Quang Duc, Nghia Chanh Commune, Binh Duong. This particular temple has statues of the Master Dat Ma's hair braided by thousands of Buddhists were confirmed as Vietnam's largest and most unique in the world.

A highlight is the temple built in the architecture of a temple of Tibetan Buddhism, especially the rooftop is Five Dhyani Buddhas statue layouts Mandala- symbol of Tantric Buddhism.

According to a first pilgrim “Tibetan Temple is considered the land of scenic Pacific. Situated on a hill with many shade trees on Thich Quang Duc Street, Chanh Nghia ward, so the temple has beautiful scenery, cool, calm before bustle of the streets.

Only the full moon day, new moons or big occasion, the new temple is open to visitors to the upper floor to worship Buddha reigns. If visitors go inside the main hall will certainly not surprised with colorful paintings in a variety of different colors are hanging around. Each painting is an image of a buddha, bodhisattva and patriarchs of Buddhism in Tibet. So Tibetan Temple in Binh Duong is considered temple has unique architecture, colors of tantric and differs from many other temples in Vietnam.

Visit temples in Tibet, pilgrims also heard the story of the monk Minh Tinh cult visit India, Tibet in the years 1935-1937. After going to visit the area of Buddhist win in India, he regardless of danger, hardship has reached the Himalayan Mountains to reach the capital of Tibet Lhasa at that time. Here, is Vietnam’s first Buddhist monks first came the snow country with a rare persistent willpower; he was welcomed warmly and transmit life practice of Tibetan Buddhism. His journey was recorded in the diary taking Indo-Tibetan cult quite thick and is preserved in the temple.

On the first occasion, the Tibetan temple frequented many people, but especially dark winter day of January eight organizations temple rituals for the term star, pray for peace for the men cross. If you go to the temple in the morning or afternoon, tourists can sometimes see Master Tich Chieu- heir career Venerable Ming Xu, this year outside the hundred-year-old, still leisurely stroll around the yard itself in. Each first occasion, two landscaped Hoi Khanh Pagoda and Tibetan open compassionate Buddhist ceremony to welcome guests, to make each person interested in peace, good direction.

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