The unique beauty of Kontum

Published:  13:36 Wednesday - March 02, 2016

Vietnam is considered one of the attractive and wonderful destinations to travel and experience new and unique things. There are many traveling styles and interesting places to visit in the country. As a result, tourists are so interested in traveling and discovering the country with the journey to highland regions and enjoy the life here.

Kon Tum is one of the special and exciting places to visit in the North of highland. The province is located in the North of highland and it is a province with a lot of rivers and stunning sites. The name of province has a very significant meaning, Kon means "a village" and Tum means "Lake", so the name Kon Tum means the "Lake Village" as it is the village situated at the bank of a big lake nearing Dakbla river. Kon Tum has a lot of rivers such as Cai River, SeSan River and Ba River; and 9 districts including Kon Tum City, Dak Glei, Dak Ha, Dakto, Konplong, Kon Ray, Ngoc Hoi, Sa Thay and Tu Mong Rong and all of these districts has its name from Ethic's language. Kon Tum is the homeland of Ethnic group mostly. Coming to the province, tourists can go to visit a lot of stunning and fantastic attractions as well as learn more about the culture and custom of Ethic group in the province.

Most of the area in Kon Tum is mountains and forests, therefore it has a lot of things to discover and experience the culture and specialty of highland region. First of all, tourists can go to visit "Nha Rong" - a community house in Kon Tum. It is the traditional architecture in Kon Tum and it attracts the interest of many tourists at home and in the world. The house is the reunited place of ethnic tribes such as Gia Rai and Ba Na in the North of highland, especially in Gia Lai and Kon Tum. The house is mainly built by thatched grass, bamboo, wooden, ... and it is built in a large area in the center of the village. Nha Rong is greater and higher than other houses in Kon Tum and it performs the pointed roof in the shape of hammer crescent sloping down making the house great and strong.

The house is built of the old and giant trees. Each tribe will build the "Nha Rong" in different architectures and sculptures illustrating the culture and custom of the ethnic group. The house plays a very important role in the life of ethnic group and it is also the place to take place important events of the tribe. Inside the house, there are many displayed traditional artifacts such as gongs, drums, weapons and head of animals donated on the occasion of festivals. Nha Rong is a must-see attractions in Kon Tum and the most special symbol of ethnic group, do not forget to visit the house and learn more about the culture and custom of people in this place.

The second place not to miss in Kon Tum that is Kon Tum Church. The church is located in Nguyen Hue Street, Kon Tum City. The church was mostly made of wooden and it followed the style of Roman combining the stilt architecture of Ba Na people, the church was completed in 1918. The church is the cultural combination of culture and architecture. It is a close building including tabernacle, guest house, exhibition house of products of nation and religion, communal house. It is really a great and beautiful cathedral and it is a very interesting attraction in Kon Tum. Coming to visit the church on the occasion of bean flower season, you will be immerse into the heaven of bean flowers in white and pink color. Particularly, if you go to visit the church on the occasion of Christmas, you will find a lot of people in the church, they come from many places and stay here for Christmas. Besides it, there are many handicraft products which are also sold here. The church is seemed to be the most unique architecture in Kon Tum and the largest church in the province.

In addition, do not miss the chance to visit the Kon Tum Museum and special sculptures in the province to get to know more about the culture and custom in Kon Tum. Taking the time to join with the Ethnic group through exciting activities such as dancing and playing traditional music instruments. Let's come and discover the unique beauty of this region.

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