The secret beauty of Dam Long - Bang Ta forest eco-tourist area

Published:  17:16 Friday - December 30, 2011

That's an attractive primeval forest embraces the tranquility of the mountains, forests and landscapes. with lovely deers, roebucks and stags...

Surely, tourist in Vietnam Tourism can't help feeling surprised when visiting Dam Long-Bang Ta forest eco-tourist area for the first time.

This area is located in Son Tay town, about 70 kilometers from the central of Hanoi. It covers 70 hectares including 50 hectares of water surface and 20 hectares of forest.


Bang Ta primeval forest will surely conquer tourist in Vietnam Tourism who have the passion for discovery. The fauna and flora here are abundant, with 240 species of trees and many species listed in the red book. The most profuse is a group of 76 valuable medicinal herbs. 

It has four layers of trees. The highest layer mainly consists of trees on average from 30 to 35 meters tall. The next layer is chestnut trees and fuchsia, between 20 and 25 meters high. The third layer is mainly ricinus, oleander, mulberry, soapberry trees, and bead trees, and the lowest layer includes a variety of fern and mistletoe, creating a beautiful look. 

Travelling to Bang Ta primeval forest, tourists in Vietnam travel may catch the sight of many kinds of birds; watch the stags and deer wandering in the quiet old forest, enjoy the melody of tens of species of birds. Sometimes, tourists will be surprised by the hundreds of monkeys gathering around hundred-year-old green trees. 

After that, tourists in Vietnam travel will contemplate the beauty of Dam Long, an immense lake filled with lotus spreading their fragrance in summer, and birds, reptiles such as suamp hens, boucals, geckos, and lizards. Water sports in swimming pools or games on rope bridges or cau khi, characteristics of the southern region will excite young people. It's also a great ideal to ride a bicycle around the forest to breathe the fresh air in the morning on the wonderful path.

Coming here, tourists in Vietnam travel can stay at dtilted Muong ethnic minority houses, enjoy camp-fires, "ruou can" (wine drunk out of a jar through pipes) and traditional music.

The local markets is also interesting with souvenirs, specialties. Then, tourist in Vietnam travel can  visit many near location, such as Ngoc Nhi stork garden, Suoi Hai (Double Stream), and Ao Vua (Pond of Kings).

Escaping from the bustle and hustle of urban life and travel to Dam Long-Bang Ta forest eco-tourist area, tourists in Vietnam travel will discover the wild and secret beauty of forest and mountain with many amazing things.

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