Thang Long - A Land With A Hundered Trades

Published:  16:27 Friday - December 02, 2011

Thang Long - Hanoi is considered an area having a hundred trades. you should come here and act a artisan and make yourself some products for your friends and parents...

Thang Long - Hanoi is considered an area having a hundred trades as reflected in a proverb: "With skillful hands and expertise at work, they are people from the capital". Each old street was a residing place of people who were engaged in a traditional craft. Visiting the old quarter of Hanoi is to visit craft streets, which were established under Ly dynasty (11th century), from where innumerable generations of artisans and skilled workers were born. They produced many products to built the capital into a prosperous and beautiful city. Many villages in the outskirts of Thang Long - present-day Hanoi also have unique traditional crafts. Developing the traditional craft streets and villages in combination with tourism will bring high cultural-economic values in the process of global integration while preserving national identities.

Conical hats made in Chuong Hamlet, Thanh Oai District

Silk made in Van Phuc, Ha Dong District

Ceramic were made in Bat Trang Village, Gia Lam District

The painting that reproduces the "Edit on the transfer of the Capital"

made of wood and inlaid with mother-of-pearl

Sparkling mother-of-pearl inlaying in Chuyen My

Bamboo weaving craft in Phu Vinh

Quat Dong embroidery in Thuong Tin District

Ha Thai lacquer ware in Thuong Tin District

If tourists in Vietnam Travel have chance to visit Hanoi, you should act a artisan and make yourself some products as souvenir for your friends and parents. it's very unique and meaningful!

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