Tam Dao – the attraction from the familiar name

Published:  11:27 Friday - September 13, 2013

Going to Tam Dao to relax, take a long rest in the fresh air, contemplate the open sky with free-flying clouds, eat a dish with the main dish-chayote, and freely take a walk on sloping roads is an attractive tip for two days in the weekends.

Located 90 kilometers from Hanoi, Tam Dao tourist area in Tam Dao Town, Vinh Phuc Province, is an ideal getaway for tourists to escape the crazy, scorching heat. In summer, people rush to Tam Dao which is considered the Dalat of the North with its fresh cool air, mist and romantic scenery. 

At an altitude of over 1,000m, Tam Dao was once home to over 200 French villas, a collection of hotels and restaurants, a swimming pool and even a dance auditorium all coming together to form northern Vietnam's first hill station and health spa. Today, while the pool may be empty and the 1920's ball gowns off the scene, Tam Dao retains an element of charm and a welcome respite from the oft-well heated plains below, over which Tam Dao offers some splendid views.

Tam Dao in early morning

The area offers some easy hiking in and around its tree-covered summit, and while some of the trails tend to see more goats than backpack-wielding tourists, the hill station is popular with Vietnamese tourists, so weekends can be busy -- if you want the place to yourself, try for a weekday jaunt.

The national park itself is a cool pine forest with walking trails leading off on numerous hikes around its crown. Hiking trips can be organized from hotels with local guides up to the three peaks. Recent reports suggest that wildlife is returning to the area after long periods of depletion due to slash and burn farming and hunting. Notably, the hawk and white collar crow, previously thought to be extinct, are now literally flocking to the park. Larger wildlife such as deer, boar and weasel have appeared again though the chances of seeing them while hiking are extremely slim.

 Tam Dao – a familiar name to Hanoi people and also the wonderful address for people who love for tourism. This is the suitable place for Hanoi people to find a near destination which can help them run away from the hot weather of the summer.

It is easy to find that Tam Dao often welcomes tourists at the weekends from Friday nights to Sunday. Rooms in hotels and restaurants are crowed by so many people and therefore, the prices of foods also rise a little. The price for a holiday of 2 days and one night in Tam Dao is nearly equal to the costs of some days eating at home and going shopping. Therefore, the change of atmosphere by taking a trip to a cool high land with your families or friends is a good choice.


Ways in Tam Dao

Home-makers like going to Tam Dao because of the peaks of chayote. Whoever comes to Tam Dao also eat some vegetable dishes, fresh jack tree and some bunches of bananas. Walking through green hills, tourists like to bring frames of vegetables to their homes.

Fathers like taking a rest in Tam Dao and if they like playing sports, there are also many tennis grounds, football grounds for them to take part in. They can also take a rest with a meal of local pigs and hill chickens.

Children prefer go around to play because there are many big spaces for them to play many games, children can go camping right at grass ground to have a funny picnic.

Young people in groups have a different interest, they can take a long walk through the forest, discover nature with so much strange things as well as the fauna and flora in the forest. To many tourists, Tam Dao is purely the resort which can help them have a good sleep in the fresh air, take a view with flying clouds or take a walk in dramatic sloping roads.  Go there with your friends and Tam Dao is really the ideal destination for you at the weekends.

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