Spectacular scenery of Tam Dao golf course

Published:  09:38 Friday - June 22, 2012

Set amongst the Spectacular Scenery of the Tam Dao Mountains, the golf Course consists of amazing water features, such as lakes, fountains, running water, and strategically placed bunkers.

Located 65km from the Centre of Hanoi (90 minutes from the centre of Hanoi and just 45 minutes from the Noi Bai International Airport), Tam Dao golf course is right place for who love playing golf and relaxing. The Peak of the Tam Dao Mountain is a breathtaking 25 minutes up the winding escarpment, and boasts magnificent views of the surrounding Golf Course and farmland.

A new breed of warm climate grasses have been used to provide the golfer with perfect playing conditions all the year around.


If you are looking for a highly challenging golf course, displaying simply‘ Spectacular Views’, combined with High Class International Standards, then Tam Dao Golf Resort is for you. Built by IMG, the course beautifully winds itself through the natural terrain of the National Park lowlands. The golf course uses modern grass types, with the fairways being constructed from Salam Paspalum, and the generous undulating sizes greens using Sea Isle 2000, hence ensuring all year round playability. 

After a day of game, tourists will experience a level of luxury unparalleled in Vietnam in a clubhouse of over 10,000m² with facilities to rival those of the finest hotels and clubhouses in Asia. You can stay in luxurious locker rooms complete with full-length lockers, saunas and Jacuzzis, tasting Asian and European cuisine at some restaurants or just a relaxing drink at one of the two bars after game.

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