Specialities of Quang Binh

Published:  17:40 Monday - September 07, 2015

Quang Binh is a very special and wonderful place that you should not miss on your vacation as it is the hometown of Vietnam’s great General that is General Vo Nguyen Giap. This land is seemed to be the land of history with patriotism and tenacity in the wars of residents in this place.

Visiting Quang Binh, visitors will have chance to not only know more about General Vo Nguyen Giap but also discover the stunning landscapes in this place. We can list some famous and majestic caves that tourists can take a visit to such as: Phong Nha Cavern, Tien Son Cave, Son Doong Cave, Dark Cave, Vom Cave, To Mo Cave, Tu Lan Cave, etc. While that, Phong Nha Cave and Son Doong Cave are considered to be the most well – known and magnificent ones in Quang Binh. Coming to these caves, visitors will have a chance to discover the natural beauty of this land and admire the bright and colorful stalactites in these grottoes.

In addition, there are other fantastic landscapes in Quang Binh that you should not miss during your journey to this place including: Bid Island, Da Nhay Beach, Quang Binh Border Gate, Van La Underground Tunnel, Dong Hoi Citadel, Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, Ngang Pass – Hoanh Son Gate, Ly Hoa Pass, Bang Mineral Hot Spring, Bau Tro Lake, and some Reserve Zones such as Giang Man Mountain Nature Reserve Zone, Khe Net Nature Reseve Zone, etc. As you can see that there are so many beautiful landscapes and sites to discover and experience in Quang Binh. Especially, Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park is a World Natural Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO on July 05, 2003. This national park will be very interesting and exciting to discover and enjoy your journey.

A very important and meaningful thing that you should keep on your journey to Quang Binh that is to go to visit the house of General Vo Nguyen Giap – a great hero of Vietnam as well as take a visit to Vung Chua Beach – Yen Island where General Vo Nguyen Giap to rest in peace. Let’s go to visit this place to have a chance to express your respect and admire to General and also take the advantage to enjoy the wild and poetic beauty in Vung Chua Beach.

Coming to Quang Binh, besides visiting beautiful landscapes in this place, you should not miss your chance to taste delicious and special foods in order to know more about its culture and custom. Quang Binh’s cuisine is famous for its unique and wonderful taste including the featured dishes: Vietnamese Crepes Quang Hoa, Soft Sweet Potatoes, Sea Snakes Porridge, Soup Porridge,Tarpon Hotpot, Shrimp and Pork Clear Dumpling. These dishes are only available in Quang Binh and you can not find them anywhere in Vietnam. Also, you only can have opportunity to enjoy the featured taste of these dishes in nowhere but Quang Binh.

You should not be hesitate and let’s take a vacation to Quang Binh province to admire and enjoy its features.

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