Sam Son Beach- One amongst the Most Beautiful in Northern Vietnam

Published:  15:24 Friday - December 30, 2011

Traveling to Sam Son beach, tourists in Vietnam travel not only are strongly impressed by a long coastline of white sand beach, plentiful scenes, and historical vestiges, but also are always welcomed by friendly and hospitable people here. Especially, don’t miss the chance to enjoy delicious famous specialties of the northern province of Vietnam

Driving 16km from the center of Thanh Hoa and 170 km from Hanoi, tourists in Vietnam travel will reach Sam Son Beach in Thanh Hoa province. This place has been a famous spot for Vietnam tourism since the beginning of the previous century, when the French begun building facilities there to serve themselves and the courts of the Nguyen regime. In addition to the gifts that the nature presents, Sam Son also has many attractions for the travelers to explore.

This is a long and beautiful beach reaching more than 16km in length. Visitors will have some unforgettable moments when they wallow in the cool blue sea, listen to songs of the wave and the wind, and take a nap on the sunlight sandbanks or build sand castles. Also, this is a good place to try various local seafood varieties such as shrimps, crabs, fishes and also to bring back home some nice souvenirs. The very flat and gentle sandbank, combined with the clean and blue water makes the scenery of Sam Son beach magnificent and attractive.

Sam Son Beach- One amongst the Most Beautiful in Northern Vietnam

Sam Son attracts a larger number of tourists in Vietnam travel in summer vacation annually

Besides the beaches, Sam Son also has another fascinating destination with many natural attractions and historical relics: the Truong Le Mountain range. The part that is contiguous to the sea is called Co Giai Islet. On top of this islet, there is a small pagoda named “Doc Cuoc”, which means “One Leg”. The pagoda is the place for the local people to recall the epic legend of a giant that manages to slay a sea monster and to guard the sea in the past. Also, there is a special rock name “Trong Mai”, formed with two huge boulders on a flat rock. There is a story that these rocks represent a pair of husband and wife, who love each other passionately even when both have been transformed into birds.

If you are a lover of beach travel and making tours to Vietnam, Sam Son beach that is in top of beautiful beaches in the North Vietnam should be listed on your trip.

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