Ravishing beauty of Long Luong in Moc Chau Son La Vietnam

Published:  09:12 Saturday - September 24, 2011

In Spring, Long Luong is flooded in peach and plum flowers. When the summer comes, Long Luong is as if a wonderful oasis under the cool forests of plums and peaches.

The fall fluttering of leaves together with wooden fire kitchen creates alone feelings for the people being far from home. Winter coming under the trees of peach and plum make us feel about the deposition of time.

Long Luong is gentle on National Highway 6 road from Hoa Binh to Moc Chau (Son La). Looming ahead is the sticky travelers peace under the shade of plum orchards, vast green peach orchard.

Long Luong stands quietly and peacefully by the side of the 6th National Road, on the way from Hoa Binh to Moc Chau. Tourists in Vietnam travel can see the beautiful scenery of simple houses looming under the shade of green gardens fulled of peach and plum trees.

Everything in Long Luong can made tourists in Vietnam travel feel curious when traveling to here. From the peaceful life of Mong people to the green color of forests, gardens or simply as the red color of Mong people’s clothes, folk games of children, etc…All of these things will make you want to discover this beautiful land, take you to a peaceful world, your dreams about childhood.

If you like to travel in Vietnam and far from noise cities, Long Luong is an ideal place for you to discover and enjoy a simple but peaceful life of the residents here.

H.Tam – Vietnamtourism.org.vn

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Ravishing beauty of Long Luong in Moc Chau Son La Vietnam - beautiful destinations in Vietnam travel - Vietnam in Photos

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